Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am now just leaving work...

Let it not be said that I am a slacker. I have been at "the bank" for 12 hours now. MUST GO HOME! Did get to do work and eat free dinner while watching American Idol though, so that was kinda fun.

How 'bout that crazy Phantom of the Opera Rainbow Bright punk, huh? Wow.

And just a tip, girl with the two different colored shoes:

a) I've been told pink and green is over (though I still personally love it, but I'm not auditioning for Simon...)

b) If you're gonna do a shoe of each color, why not do an earring of each color, just to balance it out?

Dude. My mind is jello.


Nichelle said...

I saw the pink and green girl on American Idol...If she mismatched her earrings too then she would definitely be Punky Brewster.

Carolyn said...

Ha! She would have looked great with Phantom of the Opera chick!