Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Here's what Leighann Lord had to say about last night's show...

"Okay. You blew it. If you weren't in the house last night, 4/26, at Raga, you missed one helluva show. Chicks & Giggles absolutely rocked the house last night. I'm not saying that because I was on the show. :-) But I shared the stage with some truly funny, talented and supportive women. Each of them did their best to ruin the stereotype that women aren't funny."

Right back atcha, babe! Check out
Leighann's blog and her schedule.

And just another shout out to all the women on the show. Fabulous, all of you! Check out the
Chicks & Giggles blog to see the lineup and get links to their shows, sites, etc.

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