Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Comedy for a Cause...

An important show put on by some of my friends... check it out if you can!

Michael Cyril Creighton & Galapagos Art Space Presents:

MCC (finally) Has His Way (with Women)

An Evening of Comedy to benefit The Nicole duFresne Memorial Scholarship Fund

Join us Saturday, June 18th at 7 p.m. at Galapagos - 70 N. 6th Street. Williamsburg, Brooklyn - for MCC (finally) Has His Way (with Women) an evening of alternative comedy, which will benefit the Nicole duFresne Memorial Fund at Emerson College. Doors Open at 6:30 pm.

Michael Cyril Creighton spent his childhood wearing bow ties, drinking pickle juice and memorizing all of Madeline Kahn's films line by line. Some people said, “Michael is a strange child.” Time has passed and MCC decided to ditch the bow ties, but he'll always have a fondness of funny women. On this night of comedy, MCC will be joined by some of his favorite funny femmes: Becky & Noelle (Inspecting the Bucket, Fringe NYC), Desiree Burch (SMUT), Pat Candaras (Grandmotherf***er), Michelle Collins (, HEEB), Nancy Giles (CBS News Sunday Morning, China Beach), Rachael Parenta, Jennie Smith, and Becky Yamamoto as "Rosie Mc Davis."

Admission is $10.00 and the proceeds from this evening will be donated to The Emerson College Nicole duFresne Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Nicole duFresne Scholarship at Emerson College was established in February 2005. The College has received contributions from family, friends, classmates, Emerson alumni, acquaintances and people who never met Nicole.

The scholarship will be awarded annually to a socially conscious female with financial need who is studying acting and/or playwriting and demonstrates a passion for learning. Nicole will always be remembered and future generations of young women will also have the opportunity to develop, grow and find their voices at Emerson College.


Baron said...

Yeah. Burqa's are sexy. When people talk about leaving something to the imagination, they're really talking about burqas. Actually when I say I want a girl with a sense of humor and a good head on her shoulders I'm really talking about burqa's.

Carolyn said...

I hear you. Actually, all the girls in Michael's show are wearing burqa's. Bet you never thought you'd see young Miss Yamamoto in a veil with a guitar -but that's worth $10!

Michael Cyril Creighton said...

You are RIGHT! They will be wearing burqas...but underneath they will be wearing bob mackie evening gowns....WITH GLOVES...and tap shoes for the crowd pleasing rendition of "I am Woman Hear Me Roar" that we will be singing...I will be doing the counter tenor part.

Hope you all come.