Friday, June 17, 2005

Thank God Somebody Has Some Sense - I Never Thought it Would Be "The Bank"

As you may remember from various posts, certain websites are blocked by "The Bank" due to inappropriate content. Now sure, if it's of a sexual nature I totally understand - I don't want to accidentally stumble upon Tara Reid's tits either (although strangely enough those pictures aren't blocked for some reason...) but, my point is, sometimes they block websites for no apparent reason, like I just did a show for his campaign and I still haven't seen the site - it's ridiculous! (Don't worry, political purists, I am a faithful reader of his blog. Does Bloomberg have a blog? I don't think so. And p.s. - his candidate site isn't blocked... Could this be because he is the hugest provider of information on Wall Street ever? Ahem.)

Anyway - I do have a point here, so let me just get to it. I was reading the new issue of
Bust on the train this morning, and they had a small article on this twin tween girl band called Prussian Blue, who are apparently a white supremacist folk duo in California. I couldn't even believe it when I read it and sat there with my jaw open catching flies, so I thought I'd google them just to be sure, and guess what? They are real, they do have a website (which is blocked as is anything related to the astonishing movement of "pro-white" music in California), and apparently they just played at a "festival" called "Folk the System" that supports their racist agenda. Are you kidding me? Are things like this really still happening in 2005? And these girls are 12 years old - they have been fed poison from their parents for the last 12 years enough to warp their little minds into performing about their racist agenda! I just can't believe it. I also can't believe Bust didn't do some more real investigative reporting about this "band" and the apparent "scene" in California - they just presented them in comparison to another sister act out of Seattle called "Smoosh," who are just two cute kids who play rock-n-roll. I am seriously shocked and outraged - I feel like maybe this is a good project for me to write about maybe for the Village Voice or something. I just can't believe it. And they're being billed as the next Olsen twins, by the way! Oh my God... I hardly think looking like a bag lady and fighting for the Aryan race are the same thing.

So anyway, kudos to "The Bank" for finally blocking something sensible. Now I can just sit open-jawed in front of my Excel spreadsheet instead of that crap.