Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jesus' Space

Jesus is on my list of people "who I'd like to meet," so I guess I can't be too surprised about this MySpace friend request:

As far as In Jesus' name's General Interests go - I'd have to agree, doing what you want men to do to you to them first can be helpful - in bed. (HEY-OH! Fortune cookie joke! Confucious say, "Fortune cookie jokes suck. In bed!" Aaah! It never ends...)

The reason this profile caught my eye - aside from In Jesus' name's gorgeous picture (you should see his ab shots! Talk about a tight little body!) - I just love what he put in the Television category. I mean, he could have said "Touched by an Angel" and "Joan of Arcadia." Obviously the short lived "Book of Daniel" is too controversial to make it to his short list, but how about a nice "Highway to Heaven?" Nope. He obviously doesn't watch TV. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke - to paraphrase Adam Ant, what does he do?

He saves children, people. That's what he does.

So why the hell is he on MySpace?

I thought I'd investigate a little further, so I decided I'd search for Jesus. I figured he would know what was going on in his name. Turns out he's on MySpace, too - of course - everyone is - and apparently he lives in Israel. And San Jose. But you know, if Santa can get around the world in one night, Jesus can be bi-continental. What I was happiest to see though is that Jesus considers himself a Sagittarius even though Sagittarius ends Dec. 21 and I think he was actually born in October, but whatever. I'm a Jew at heart, he's a Sag at heart. I'm a Sag for real, he's a Jew for real. It's all good.

So anyway - I sent him a message to see if he knows what's going on in his name.

I'LL LET YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAYS! I haven't asked him to be my friend yet - I wanted to send him a message first. You know. Hopefully he'll put in the request. I don't want to seem too "networky." I want to get into heaven on my own merit, not because I kissed God's ass.

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