Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Guys - please look in the sidebar at my favorite songs on Pandora right now. You'll notice that the top song is "Shannon." Please go to iTunes right now and buy this song so that you can howl along to Will Ferrell's hilarious voice over on this track. It's Ron Burgundy, but I don't remember this bit being in Anchorman... but regardless - it's priceless.
And speaking of Pandora! Guys!
  • Do you have a day job?
  • Do you hate your day job?
  • Does the thought of one more day at your day job make you want to sharpen your wrists in the industrial strength electric pencil-sharpener?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you need to listen to Pandora! Put on some 'phones (or some ear buds if you're wealthy) and rock out to your favorite songs!
Here's how it works. Pick one song. ONE SONG. (And I highly recommend you create stations based off one song because Pandora gets less confused that way.) Then the geniuses behind the music genome project will keep picking songs that you will like based on that one song! IT'S AMAZING. Plus you will get exposed to a lot of music you might not have heard otherwise.
What are you waiting for? Do it today!


Richard said...

Of all The Beatles' fine catalogue...Maxwell's Silver Hammer? Dear God, no. Cue the usual accusations of being a music snob...

Carolyn said...

What can I say... it's the only Beatles' song they've played - I got psyched!

Plus, you know, you're an actual British person and stuff. So, you know, you can relate. That doesn't make you a snob. It makes you... British.

Dashiell said...

I love MSH! Maybe the most underrated Beatles tune.