Thursday, June 15, 2006

Comedy Shots

It's been a pretty fun week for me in the Monde du Comedie, so I thought I'd recap with a few pics de la ha-ha (not to be confused with Oscar de la Haha, the famous boxing comedian).

Philly Fans!

Here's a picture of me at Saturday's show in Philly with some people who enjoyed me so much they wanted to take me home as a souvenir. I'd rather not mention the venue's name, but if you really want to know, here are some clues:

It may not be Montreal, but it pays.
I went with my friend Katina who's from Philly, so we played to an amazing sold-out crowd (of Italians). It was truly a blast.
This pic is from Monday night's Mintyfresh at Mo's. From L to R: Giulia Rozzi, Anne Altman, some pregnant chick.

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anne altman said...

i have to do some stupid shit tonite. otherwise i'd be there.