Thursday, July 27, 2006

Adoption is the Best Option

Or certainly the most fashionable one, anyway. Madonna wants to adopt, J. Jack does too, Angelina will eventually, but needs to make sure the baby is the "right race." What?! Is she building a family or casting a Benetton ad?

Let's see... we've got a black one, a white one and a yellow one... what else would look good here? I know - red! Somebody get me an Indian! And I'm not talking about the red-dot kind, I'm talking about the alcoholic, feather-wearing, casino-owning kind. Brad, pack your bags, sweetie, we're off to Nevada!

Let's take a look at the possible adoptive children of the other celebrities mentioned above through Benetton ads, shall we?


Adoptive mothers can breast feed now... and the baby would certainly look like at least one of its relatives.


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