Monday, July 31, 2006

East Harlem PSA

If any of my readers are in the barrio, you have to check out the new INDIAN RESTAURANT on 3rd Ave. and 118. I don't even know the name of it because it just opened this weekend but we got take-out from there last night and it is delicious! (Yes, I am having leftovers for lunch.) We asked for everything spicy - and wowza is it ever - but there's a lot of delicate, savory flavor as well. They'll make dishes to your taste, so if you like it mild, just ask.
Though I'd say the dishes are all about $1 too expensive for the neighborhood (some of the more fancy meat dishes are $11.95) it is worth the money. It's just as good or better than any of the little joints in the East Village.
So, help the 'hood out by eating local! Here's a cool website with more East Harlem eats.

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