Thursday, August 17, 2006


Here's to you, bacon egg and cheese on a roll, for still being awesome after all these years.


Susie said...


I could do one of those sandwiches with any or all of those ingredients... and such a NY bargin!

matt said...

I always order mine with ketchup but the guys making them never 'remember' to put it on. I see the bottle. I know that you have ketchup. Just please put it on the sangwich.

Anthony DeVito said...

Extra crispy bacon, fresh Kaiser... Uncle!

theron said...

Back when I worked at Tunes, we referred to Egg & Cheese sandwiches as an E.C., or Eric Clapton. There were different Claptons depending on the kind of meat you wanted:

Bloody = Bacon
Sweaty = Sausage
Hairy = Ham