Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Conversation I Had Tonight in Burger King on 116 and Lex

Peddler (carrying two black diaper bags): Yo mami, I got baby bags right here - two dollas. Two dollas, brand new. Two dollas.

Me: Oh, no thanks. I'm good. Thanks.

Peddler (stressing the quality of the wares): Brand new. Two dollas.

Me: No, no thanks.

Peddler (shuffling off, talking to himself): No, you don't need a baby bag. Brand new for two dollas. You wanna go buy a WHITE bag new for fifty bucks.

Me (silently, to myself): No, dude, I just don't wanna pay two dollars for a diaper bag anyone can get for free. I have one, in fact.

And don't worry, it's black.

Photo courtesy of Ebay, where this gem is being sold for $5 plus $8.50 shipping. I guess that peddler really was offering me a deal.

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