Friday, February 22, 2008

A few things on this snowy Friday...

1. Dear New Yorkers Who Carry Umbrellas in the Snow:

A) You look wack. Please stop.

B) What are you afraid of? Snow is not rain, and it is not sharp enough to kill you. Why the cover-up? It's bullshit, even if the authors of these New York Times letters to the editor think otherwise. People in suburban and rural areas may use cars to get around, but they also do something in the snow that urbanites don't: they actually stand outside in it and SHOVEL IT. I could have skied to the bus stop this morning, though I didn't, for fear I wouldn't be able to navigate my way through all the UMBRELLAS.

2. Why does everyone and their mother have this hat?


I mean, really...


3. I've found myself walking through the passageway underneath Times Square that leads from Port Authority to the red line trains quite a bit recently, and I noticed the poem on the ceiling again for the first time in a while. It's called "Commuter's Lament" by Norman B. Colp, and it reads:

So tired/
If late/
Get fired./
Why bother?/
Why the pain?/
Just go home/
Do it again.

Courtesy Wikipedia.

I remember the first time I saw that, many years ago now, I thought, "Wow - that's soooo true." And now I see it more as a taunting statement, really, rather than a sympathetic one. It's as if the poet is saying:

Hey Fucko/
You have a job/
Why are you commuting/
From New Jersey?/
All the cool kids/
Live in Brooklyn/
That's what you get/
For having a baby/
and dreams./
Get an alarm clock.

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