Thursday, February 14, 2008

In honor of Valentine's Day...

The online press can't stop buzzing about Mary-Louise Parker's engagement to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (Understandably so, since everyone knows weddings involving six names are always huge affairs. Mary-Louise Parker-Morgan... is that a bride or a law firm? Hey-oh!)

At any rate, the New York Daily News were the first to break the story yesterday at 2:48 pm, which due to my new submersion in all things internet already seems like years ago. Which is why, when I was telling my cubby nabe about it this morning, I was shocked she hadn't heard.

Me: "Imagine getting engaged and having every website in the world write about it? Mary-Louise Parker is marrying Jeffrey Dean Morgan and people can't stop talking about it."

Cubby Nabe: "Who's Jeffrey Dean Morgan?"

Me: "He's the guy from Grey's Anatomy. The one with the heart condition."

CN: "Denny?! Oh my God, MLP is engaged to Denny?!"

Best quote ever.

I'm hoping that due to the telephone-game-esque nature of the internets this information will soon be warped into the headline:


A girl can dream...

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anne altman said...

good grief, married two times round and me not even once, i want to punch people thanks bye.