Friday, February 01, 2008

Intersections and Overlaps

I just found out Cybill Shepherd and I are soul mates. Listen to this:
The interview came to a brief halt. "Excuse me, I have to sing some opera," said Cybill Shepherd. She rose from the hotel-suite couch and let forth, full-throttle, with a few moments of an Italian aria. "That is my new reaction to panic." - from the Bay Area Reporter.
My hero! I have often said I am sure I could quit smoking for good if only I were able to sing out my stress in public instead of smoke. It's the same sensation, really. Smoking is just a terrible excuse for taking a slow, deep breath. A former acting teacher mentioned that, and only after I started smoking did I realize that was true. It's also a great excuse to take a break, which can be hard for non-smokers to find.

"Hey boss - can I go outside for just a minute and clear my head? You know, take a few deep breaths? Maybe relax for a minute?"

"What, are you crazy? Get back in your cube! I'm not paying you to relax."

"Hey, boss. Can I go take a smoke break?"

"Go ahead. I know you need it."

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