Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Great Shows Tonight!

Don't miss a wonderful, riotous evening at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre tonight:


A show about people you hate, but have to love.

Eliza Skinner's characters are horrible people - viciously real and wickedly funny. She presents 3 gleefully repugnant portraits of a mother, a wife, a party girl; all of them skipping past the point of no return.

7 pm

She's auditioning for Montreal, y'all!

And then followed by HIGH SCHOOL TALENT SHOW (I'm in that one!) on a double bill with The Lance and Ray Show at 8 pm. $5.

HSTS Postcard

Remember when you couldn't wait to graduate high school? If you forgot, let Upper Central Bay High's best and brightest refresh your memory during an evening of magic, dance, song, music, poetry, and comedy (and stilts, too!) as they take the stage for a show that will delight you in no way Zac Efron could ever imagine!

Both shows are at:

The UCB Theatre
307 W. 26th Street

New York, NY 10001


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