Wednesday, February 13, 2008

White People Like Stuff

Diana turned me on to a new website called Stuff White People Like. It's funny, and I get it, and I buy the truth of most of it - but I wonder, how long can a "gag" site like that really last? Once you've exhausted all of your initial ideas (lattes, money, slavery...) where do you go? And even before you've listed all of the things we like, how long does a list stay funny? Radar runs Top 100 lists - and that seems like a pretty high number to me. The folks at Stuff White People Like are already in the 60's. It'll be interesting to see how long they can keep the joke running... another thing white people like. Maybe SWPL is right. After all, these black people don't seem to be having a very good time:

They must not be good teachers, cuz they don't have any pupils! Hey-oh!

Also, their site reminds me a little of Black People Love Us (tho it's done sort of in reverse). BPLU was around before your Grandma had heard the word blog. Interesting.

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DiSa said...

Well, how do you feel about Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians? I feel like the same could be said of them, but I will cut a bitch who speaks ill of them.

I think nowadays there are so many more specialty blogs like this, it's kind of a non-issue. That, and, Chelsea was way ahead of the game. I heart her.