Sunday, October 25, 2009

45for45 Challenge: Days 21-23

Yoga, yoga, yoga! Adriana did yoga with me yesterday, and she was ace at it, of course. If you follow my blog, you know she's a natural talent when it comes to dance, so it's no surprise that she'd be able to pick up yoga instantly. She's a major help, too, because I can't get into a full bow pose unless she hands me my left ankle.

Lemme see you do it!

I'm proud to announce that today I did two perfect half-moon poses, one on each side. I held them as long as Eva does on the DVD and didn't even so much as wobble. Psyched!

Without getting too much into the emotional side of things, I'll say that there is one moment on the DVD when Eva talks about feeling like a superhero flying through the air to save someone, and every time she says that I think about how I'm saving myself.


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